Daniela Mogurean

Emilia Zabeo

In this charts, are represented the Angular Velocity of Leg and Thigh, the Angle of Leg,Thigh and Knee during the movement.

The first chart rapresent that the trajectory of velocity of leg is more than thigh, because the leg is the more distance respect the thigh to centre of rotation. 

The second chart rapresent the trend of Leg and Thigh. you are see that this trend is similar for both, but that the leg are more variable respect to thigh.

The third chart rapresent only the Knee trend during the movement. You can see that the values decrease till to 50°. This because, the subject closed more his knee angle for to have more angular velocity during the flight phase and for to have more height and so more extent.


Table Data

In this table are rapresents the most important variables analyzed. The first key point of this movement is the "Max extent", where Mogurean has 217° respect Zabeo has 201°. In Rhythmic this value is very important to determinate the correct execution of this movement. In fact the code of points of Gymnastics want that the angle is more than 180°.

In this competition the "winner" is Mogurean, but either has perfect executed this movement.